Bengal Leopard

Bengal Leopard

Bengal leopard is a small family cattery located Sherbrooke, Qc

Officially, our first cats came home in 2015 but the adventure began well before that with the discovery of this extraordinary breed of cat. It is with the will the make this breed well know and to participate to his developpment that we founded Bengalleopard.

Our goal is to offer best quality cats possible with the best health and the will look of their ancestors and the sweet loving temperament of domestics kittens.

Breaking news !  9 april 2015

Sumarum Kaminek arrive home.  this mark the official beginning of Bengalleopard

Mai 16th, 2015,

Bengallys Capucine come home.

May 31st, 2015 ,

this is the turn to Asiafauve 

and finaly june 5th, 2015

Graethouse lily come to complete our small cats family

Since this time, a couple more cats came home to continue to improve the breed.But those will always be the first.